The origins of Aryeh begins in retail at a storefront just off Ocean Avenue where my father and I opened a dress shop. At the time, I was not interested in design. In fact, I only started the business to support my new family and forwent an engineering degree to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. But it was in this act of courage that led me to
finding my passion for art.
The dresses I made soon became known for their vibrant artwork and comfortable fabric. And after nearly twenty years in retail, I decided it was time for more people to see my designs that so many loved. In 2012, I moved Aryeh into a wholesale exclusive brand and today Aryeh sits in over 4,000 boutiques worldwide. The brand is recognized for its
"Aryeh prints," with influences from my bicoastal, Mediterranean and Pacific upbringing.
Aryeh remains rooted as a family business and its wearers an extension of it. This year, Aryeh is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. In the next years looking forward, we hope to
bring our print to more pieces and more hands.
Ben Aryeh